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The Skimmie and Two Universal Handles
The Skimmie skimmer net is a unique design so you never have to bend down or reach your hand in the unknown water again. The hook can Lift the skimmer lid and Remove the skimmer basket. Use the skimmer net to remove any remaining debris from the skimmer to avoid the debris from entering into your filtration system and potentially causing damage or debris build up.
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Monica tells the story about The Skimmie.

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The Skimmie was invented to help pool owners clean out their skimmers without bending down or touching the critter infested water.  The Skimmie hook is uniquely designed to lift the skimmer lid and pull out the skimmer basket. The fine mesh net is designed to catch small debris and keep it out of your filtration system.  The length of the pole allows you to remain standing while cleaning out the skimmers.  The Skimmie is constructed of high quality materials and lightweight for ease of use.  We put a lot of thought into getting it just right.  You never have to bend down or get on your knees to clean the skimmers again with The Skimmie. THE ULTIMATE POOL CLEANING TOOL!

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